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Our Bed Bug Treatments - Integrated " 4 STEP" Treatments



Our first form of attack against the bed bugs is the use of tapes.  This will instantly kill and remove all life stages of the bed bugs, including the eggs. 


Next we apply steam. Steam has an extremely fast knockdown effect which works instantly to decrease the number of bed bugs present in the property. This will also kill all life stages of the bugs and any eggs that can not be removed by tape.


We apply water-based, insecticidal sprays to all areas of the property that are affected by the bed bugs.  All residents will need to vacate the property during the treatment and also for a further 4 hours following treatment (drying time).

We use two types of insecticides to control the bed bug infestation.  These are some of the most effective insecticides available  and provide not only an instant kill, but also stop bed bug egg development in its tracks and remains active for several weeks after application. 

Although deadly to bed bugs themselves, once dry it is perfectly safe for adults, children and pets to re-enter the house.

The insecticides are professional use only and not available off the shelf. They are much stronger than the commercially available chemicals,  this is why we can be confident in removing infestations with a single treatment. 


We also use an organic compound.  This product kills the bed bugs by physical means, scratching the bed bugs' waxy cuticle and causing death by dessication (dehydration).  Death occurs within hours, and once the Earth has been applied to the cracks and crevices of the room, it will last for many months and even years! 

 As long as it is kept dry and undisturbed, it will carry on working long term, giving you the peace of mind that you will never have to live with bed bugs again.


The combination of using steam, insecticides and organic dust, makes it impossible for any bed bug to survive, allowing us to control even the worst bed bug infestations incredibly quickly!

Most infestations are typically eradicated with a single "4 STEP" treatment.

Results are seen within 48 hours.


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