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Commercial Rates 


All commercial buildings are treated with a fixed price and this is not determined by the use and size of the rooms. Whether it is a hotel, hostel, HMO, Care-home or large residence our prices are fixed!

Mantis can also supply free of charge, as part of our treatments, a staff presentation covering the latest code of practice, insecticide treatments, routine inspections, monitors and prevention.This presentation will be carried out on your premises at a convenient time, out of hours if necessary, by a fully trained technician with teaching qualifications. We are yet again the first to offer such a service free of charge; this will not be a sales pitch and no items will be marketed - this is information-based only for your staff !

 The technician is required to wear PPE (personal protective equipment) when carrying out treatments. Due to physiological effects we may require two technicians for treatments over 10 rooms. The addition of the extra technician also reverts the price back to our standard domestic rate for the first additional five rooms they treat and then the increase of £10 per remaining room applies to all other rooms up to 20.

Mantis understands the need to have rooms treated and available for use within the shortest possible time; and at the best possible price. We promise to treat large commercial buildings with minimal disruption and at the most cost effective rate. Our default rates would be to use minimum amount of technicians and lowest charging rate where possible. 


All our staff wear plain uniform and our vehicles are free of signage and company livery advertisement.


Maximum rate for commercial treatments:


One technician:

Rooms 1: £100,  2: £115,  3: £130,  4: £145,  5: £160,  6: £175,  7: £190,  8: £205,  9: £220,  10: £235 

Two technicians:

Room 11: £290,  12: £305,  13: £320,  14: £335,  15: £350,  16: £365,  17: £380,  18: £395,  19: £410,  20: £425 

Any treatment up to 15 rooms will also carry the discretion to treat with one technician at the standard domestic rate. This is dependent on the size of rooms and use of the property.  


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