At Mantis we are more than happy to guarantee our treatments for an unprecedented 12 months. We are the first to offer such a long- term guarantee, but we feel that it may be important for your peace of mind.

All our guarantees offer unlimited no quibble re-visits until you are satisfied that the current problem is successfully resolved.

We have a fantastic reputation and excellent track record in dealing with 100% bed bug infestations. Over the years we have endeavoured to keep our prices low and competitive. As a stand-alone bed bug company our initial treatments are so effective that we have had no need for guarantees, but at the time of your initial treatment you will now be given the opportunity to take out a guarantee contract.

The contract will run for 12 calendar months from the date of the initial treatment. This will then form a separate contract between you and Mantis and is completely optional. The price is not included in the original quote for your treatment.

Guarantee contracts are offered from a very reasonable start price of £80 each month.Commercial and multiple occupancy premises will be considerably more.

Commercial or multiple occupancy premises will be priced by our technician on the day of treatment. Depending on the type of property, these are standard prices and a list will be available on the initial visit.

Although it would be rare to take out a guarantee for domestic premises we understand that a guarantee offers fantastic savings and reassurance to both owner and occupier in commercial buildings. When considering a treatment please take all costs into account. If you are offered a guarantee from another company is this just a single re-treatment paid for upfront and would it work out more cost effective to just pay for a complete re-treatment elsewhere? We at Mantis do not believe guarantees are needed if work is carried out correctly and if advice is followed on the initial visit infestations can be quickly and successfully treated.